Goals & Roadmap

Goal 1

Develop a powerful, inclusive, innovative network strategy process for 2016 that:

Enables a diverse set of stakeholders to co-create strategy together and to shape the planning process itself.
Results in a plan that is focused and well-thought out and that activates participants.
Develops the participants’ muscles around thinking systemically, acting strategically, and working iteratively and experimentally.
Goal 2

Prepare STP staff to support a network strategy process in 2016.

Develop a strong narrative with supporting artifacts for where STP has been and where it’s going.
Get clear on the specific roles it should play in supporting the network in 2016 and the muscles required to play those roles, including storytelling and information hygiene.
Develop a strong shared understanding through practice around models for thinking systemically, acting strategically, and working experimentally and iteratively.