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What’s New on the STP Network Support Site, No. 4

We are keeping a brisk pace with the experiments. Lessons learned from Big Picture, little picture were posted, and a page for a third experiment, dubbed My Plate, Your Plate, Sharing Dessert?, was updated last week.

You may have noticed previously that sharing experiment pages on Facebook created a generic preview and thumbnail—not very useful for sharing! 🙁  Because our dashboard data lives in a spreadsheet and the experiment pages are built dynamically in the browser, Facebook was only able to scrape Open Graph tags from the base template. To solve this problem, we’ve added a function to grab metadata from the Google spreadsheet when the base page is being built on the server. Now when you share Idea or Test pages on Facebook (or other platforms supporting Open Graph), the posting tool will generate a nice summary with image thumbnail (if available). Hurray!

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