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What’s New on the STP Network Support Site, No. 3

Lots of action last week around the experiments. The page for the second experiment, dubbed Log It or Lose It, was updated. You can also find instructions for how to start a new experiment as a submenu item under Experiments. 

The debrief date and workstreams for experiments and storytelling have been updated on the project roadmap.

You may also notice that screenshots of the website for these update posts have been darkened to reduce confusion about what is an image and what is the actual blog post text. Let me know if that helps!

Planning for 2016 continues to progress. Eugene came back from the Wye River meeting with a much clearer sense of what people care about, what their relationships are to each other and to STP, and the role that the Wye River cohort is playing in the network as a whole right now.

We’ve decided to focus our energies around planning the first quarter of 2016 (through the next Wye River meeting) in greater detail and keeping the rest of 2016 relatively high level. That will give us the opportunity to enroll key members of the network and give them a co-creative voice in planning for 2016 and beyond.

The challenge will be to plant enough of a stake-in-the-ground so that our thinking around 2016 isn’t general-to-the-point-of-meaningless, but is also open enough so that others can come in early next year and own and shape it.

We’ve got three more planning meetings to figure this out. Stay tuned!

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