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Fun Is Our Middle Name

On Tuesday, we kicked off the planning process for how Social Transformation Project can best support and challenge its network in 2016 and beyond. We opened the morning with an introduction exercise called “The Story of Your Name,” which elicited some rich conversation and we learned some surprising, fun tidbits about each other.

For example, I didn’t know Eugene is Eric to his family, or that he shares his name with a famous female K-pop star! We learned that Edie has a green thumb for garden and community wherever she lands. When looking for a co-schemer, Jodie is a great choice, possibly because she has the best shoes. Leila is a modern dancer and her name means the way sunlight shines through dew in the morning. Eden is a world traveler with a saucy sense of humor that bubbles up just when you need it. Alison can ride a bicycle carrying 77 things, including a tropicana vase full of tall-stemmed flowers. We’re pretty sure one of Ide’s ancestor’s had an outdoor hearth, but the important thing we all agree is that Ide is cool as hell.

Here we are, being silly at the end of the day. I’m no soothsayer, the Wu () in my name notwithstanding, but it looks like we’re going to have fun in the coming weeks!

(left to right) Idelisse Malavé, Amy Wu, Jodie Tonita, Leila Talore and family (on clipboard), Edie Irons, Eugene Eric Kim, Eden Kidane, Alison Lin (front).


  1. I’ve been regretting not being able to think of anything to say about Eden when her turn came around… was distracted by inappropriate things I’ve learned from her “saucy sense of humor!”
    On further reflection, the thing I want you to know about her is how dedicated she is to this work. She hit the ground running when she started, and it’s an understatement to say she had a lot on her plate in her first six months on the job. Her drive and commitment to get it all done even as she was learning the ropes, and her patience with the minutia and the constantly shifting priorities impressed us all.

  2. Edie, you’re the best twin sister and colleague a lady could ask for! Thanks for always jumping in and taking the time to show me the ropes. You’re always there to throw me a life preserver and move the work forward.

    Amy, you are indeed a poet! You managed to capture not only the energy in the room and Ide’s cool factor, but also our commitment to the work. Thank you again for bringing your own brand of awesome sauce to the party!

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